Monday, July 25, 2011

How to create champions from sports?

It is not difficult to create champions from sports if you know how and are acting fairly in choosing beside training.
There is no point in training when there are bias in choosing athletes for any state team.
You don't need the formula which Asean meet or any meet which clearly not doing well nowadays. The formula is just not right!

You just need to give the state champions a chance for exposure and they will shine, if not this year, will be another year.
If you think just by following the past performance to decide the fate of the atheletes, then you are very wrong as there are other things to look for.
Of course using the previous year result is not totally wrong, but you will need to decide wisely and not following exactly the result.
Why?  Very simple
and yet many of the admins not wise in this area and cause the team remained bottom three every year!
If the atheletes timing are near to the placing and you will need to see the next group whether the strong one still remain or not, in order to decide.  For new year new faces!  And on top of that, bias happened.  So do you think you can excel by doing that!  You must be crazy!
Guess some people just either naif or just don't bother.
A normal person like us can also think of that, why the top ones just don't have that sort of thinking.
It's a pity if a state with this kind of admins remain for years.
For as long as the year pass, the performance of the sports of that particular state will remain in the bottom line until a group of new thinking and wise thinking taking over.
Guess, PP is still waiting for that day.........sad to many good and potential athletes passed by silently without opportunities to shine....too bad....

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